Miniloader Mitrax MP-650

MITRAX MP-650   bucket as a gift *

Great opportunities in a compact design, two-circuit hydraulics, hydrostatic transmission, speed limiter, two external hydraulic outlets, all-wheel drive 4×4, on-site turn, universal coupling, bucket auto level and etc.…



  • General
  • Engine
  • Transmission and hydraulics
  • Electric systems
  • Tyres
Loader model MP-650
Lift height in the center of the hinge, mm 2130
Lifting capacity, including weight of hitch, with weighting agents, kg:
     Off the ground 650
     Lifting to the height 350
Bucket turning angle, degrees:
     Down 38
     Up 59
Overalls (L×W×H), cm 218×99×143
Wheelbase, cm 81
Track, cm 81
Lift height in the center of the hinge, cm 213
Road clearance, cm 20
Int. Turn Radii / ext., m 0 / 0
Weight, kg 720
Loader model MP-650
Engine model Honda GX 630
Fuel Gasoline АИ92, АИ95
Power, h.p. 20
Actual displacement, cm3 688
Cylinder diameter, mm 78
Piston stroke, mm 72
Ignition Electric starter
Type hydrostatic
No. of
main gear 6,5
back run 6,5
Drive all-wheel, hydrostatic,
manual control
Steering control side turn
Hydraulic circuit two-circuit
External hydraulic outlets 2
External flow, l/min. 32,5
Speed limiter (without hitch actuated) within the range, km/h 5–11
Hydraulic tank , l 45
Type 12V, earth=”minus”
Generator 12V, 18A
Battery Delta CT 1218, 12V, 18A·hour
Lights LED


Dimensions 23 × 8.5 – 12
Pressure, kg/cm2 0,9


Dimensions 23 × 8.5 – 12
Pressure, kg/cm2 0,9


отвальный ковш минипогрузчик

Large lifting capacity and lifting height

Two-circuit hydraulics with the power re-distribution

Hydrostatic transmission automatic, all-wheel drive 4 × 4 , hydraulic motor in each wheel, turn in place

Two external hydraulic lines for a hitch for rotation and control (turning),  flow of 32.5 l / min

Reliable European hydraulic components, quick couplers with “one-click” connection and sleeves made of GATES company

Convenient operation, speed limiter and LED lighting

LED освещение минипогрузчика
Полноприводный минипогрузчик

Quick change of attachable tools, convenient and easy maintenance, the ability to work without loaders

Bucket auto level, keeping the attachable equipment horizontal level

Universal hitch for connecting to standard attachable equipment of miniloaders (construction and farm attachment) and to the original Mitrax tools, snow thrower, brush, milling cutter, mower, etc.